Rapid Urine Drug Testing

Rapid urine tests provide fast results in minutes. Rapid urine tests utilize immunoassay technology, which is the same technology laboratory screening instruments employ. Screens provide qualitative “positive or negative” results to help identify the presences of drug and/or metabolite in the donor specimen. Rapid urine tests provide ideal solutions for correctional, workplace, health & human services, and clinical toxicology.

Exclusive Product Portfolio

Premier Biotech is changing the game in drugs of abuse testing. Instead of taking a one sized fits all approach to drug testing, we have created an exclusive product portfolio that tests for the most relevant drugs of abuse. Our products allow each of our customers the ability to custom tailor their rapid testing solutions for their specific needs.

The Benefits of Rapid Urine Testing

Corrections/Criminal Justice

• Immediate results that save time and money compared to
laboratory screening which involves collecting urine       specimen, packaging, completing chain of custody documentation, shipping specimen into lab, and waiting 1-3 days for result.
• Increase number of admissions and offender accountability
when results are known immediately
• Ability to take immediate corrective action or reward sobriety
• Eliminates waste of corrections officer’s time in tracking down offender following positive results received from laboratory days later.
• Provides opportunity to provide immediate treatment and
potentially prevent relapse and other consequences in waiting for lab screen result

Workplace Testing

• Workplace screens may be done for pre-employment testing,
random, reasonable cause, and post-accident
• Negatives are cleared and can begin/return to work immediately
• Only non-negatives require further confirmation testing
• Cost savings in test and eliminating shipping expense

The Rapidly Changing World of Drug Abuse

We no longer live in a world where testing the standard 5 illicit drugs is an effective solution. Premier Biotech has specific tests for prescription pills (synthetic opioids) that are not detected on a standard opiate panel.

Effective Testing For Buprenorphine

Although buprenorphine was intended as a treatment to help people get off of heroin, it has quickly become a popular recreational drug for an assortment of reasons. Buprenorphine does not require a high dosage to feel the effects. Premier Biotech’s buprenorphine test detects at 5ng/mL cutoff VS 10ng/mL cutoffs offered by other products on the market.

Rapid Urine Drug Testing Menu

EtG-Ethyl Glucuronide

K2/SPICE-Synthetic Marijuana

OPI 300-Opiates
TCA-Tricyclic Antidepressants

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