From primary care to pain management clinics and chemical dependency treatment centers to OB/GYN practices, Premier Biotech Labs provides unique solutions to help monitor prescriptions, ensure medication adherence and program compliance, prevent dangerous drug interactions, and ultimately, provide better care to patients, protect physicians practices and help safeguard the community.

Premier Biotech Provides Comprehensive Solutions Throughout Clinical Practices

Pain Management

Customized urine and oral fluid medication monitoring in pain management provides valuable objective information to assist in diagnostic and therapeutic decision making.


Drug testing is a clinical tool to assess medication and substance abuse that may result in pregnancy complications and harm to the fetus.

Mental Health

Urine and Oral Fluid test results aid mental health practitioners in patient assessment, treatment plan development, and monitoring of treatment plan adherence.

Primary Care

Urine and oral fluid testing provides a clinical tool for clinicians to support decisions about medication therapy for pain, ADHD, anxiety, and other disorders where utilization of controlled substances are considered.

Chemical Dependency

Chemical Dependency clinicians utilize routine drug testing to identify substance abuse, assess treatment progress, and to monitor medication adherence.

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