Telehealth Virtual Drug Testing And Collection Services

A Fully Managed Telehealth Solution For Treatment Providers

As safety measures during the COVID-19 global health-crisis continue, the need for physical distancing and the isolation it requires is having a significant impact on those struggling with substance abuse. The American Medical Association (AMA) reported increases in opioid-related deaths in more than 40 states, as drug and alcohol abuse continues to increase at a staggering rate. As a result, providers are adapting their practices by integrating technology-based virtual solutions to continue providing safe and reliable care.

Premier Biotech’s managed Telehealth virtual services allow for drugs of abuse testing to be conducted without requiring in-person interactions. Premier Biotech utilizes definitive, lab-based oral fluid testing to provide collection services for you, eliminating the need for your staff to spend billable time performing the collections. You decide the testing schedule for your clients and Premier’s Telehealth Collection team does the rest. Stay connected and monitor client behavior with Premier Biotech’s Telehealth Virtual Services.

Why Telehealth?

Telehealth offers providers an alternate avenue to address client care. Fully managed by Premier Biotech, virtual visits can be scheduled and drug testing conducted allowing providers more time to focus on the care and support their clients require. Now many months into the coronavirus health-crisis with no end in sight, many are wondering if the use of virtual meetings and revised policies will remain on a more permanent basis. These questions are aligning with what Premier Biotech is seeing in the industry. This appears to be the watershed moment for Telehealth and whats to come in the future.

A Fully Managed Virtual Drug Testing Solution

  • A hassle free solution that is easy to use and implement
  • Web-based Telehealth platform that can be accessed by the client via desktop, laptop and mobile devices
  • Kits include everything needed to conduct the session, including oral fluid test devices and shipping materials
  • Once scheduled, kits are sent to the client with clear instructions on how to prepare and access the meeting

Improve Patient Engagement And Satisfaction

  • A more convenient solution for both the client and provider
  • Drug testing is conducted in a comfortable setting (decrease stress/anxiety)
  • Increase attendance and decrease no-shows
  • Expanded service times and availability
  • Follow-up appointments/testing can be easily scheduled

Boost Practice Flexibility And Efficiency

  • Scheduling is conducted by Premier Biotech saving the provider valuable time
  • Collection services conducted by Premier Biotech allows providers more time to focus on their client care needs
  • Testing is ordered through Premier’s LIMS and results are accessed through the same portal
  • Premier’s ordering system has the ability to bridge with over 400+EHR’s
  • Convert on-call, remote and off-hours into billable time

A Safe And Effective Services Solution

  • Continue to conduct drug testing in this new Telehealth based treatment space to provide optimal client care
  • Ability to gain insight into the client’s lifestyle and make treatment decisions in real-time
  • FedEx drop boxes and/or FedEx pickup services available for clients that have limited access to transportation
  • Lab-based oral fluid collection offers the ability to test for drugs outside of the standard CLIA-Waived rapid panels
    (fentanyl, gabapentin, tramadol, alcohol, etc.)

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