Telehealth Virtual Drug Screening

Premier Biotech Now Supports Telehealth Services

The COVID-19 Pandemic has shifted the way organizations everywhere conduct business, and the adoption of technology that supports the well-being of their patients, customers and staff are now utilized more than ever before. As containment measures during this global health-crisis continue, the need for social distancing and isolation can have a significant impact on those struggling with substance use and abuse.

Government reform in response to COVID-19 and changes in the way addiction medicine practices have been streamlined has allowed expanded access that is beginning to transform patient care. These changes are helping health care providers across the country stay connected with patient needs, while in many cases also helping to keep their practices active.

The Department of Health and Human Services released a notification of enforcement discretion for Telehealth remote communications during the COVID-19 nationwide public health emergency. The notification outlines flexibility to covered health care providers wanting to use audio/video communication technologies (Apple FaceTime, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Skype) and other non-public facing software for Telehealth purposes.

As more and more health care providers adapt their practices towards the use of virtual communication for care, many are wondering if these streamlined approaches and new policies will remain on a more permanent basis. These questions and changes about Telehealth are aligning with what Premier Biotech is seeing in the industry. This appears to be the watershed moment for Telehealth and whats to come in the future.

Why Telehealth?

Telehealth virtual drug screening offers the ability to stay connected with patients/donors while continuing to provide lab-based screening without in-person interaction requirements. Premier Biotech’s Telehealth kit contains everything the patient/donor needs to complete their supervised test, delivered directly to their door. Following the collection, the sample is then confirmed by Premier Biotech Labs, ordered through our online LIS software. This makes Premier Biotech’s Telehealth solution a full-circle, 100% virtual offering.

A Virtual Screening Solution

  • From consultation to collection, Telehealth is easy to use
  • Telehealth kits including oral fluid screening device shipped directly to the patient/donor
  • Testing is ordered through Premier Biotech’s LIS software

Minimize Risk + Promote Safety

  • Continue to provide drug screening and treatment services while adhering to social distancing practices
  • Address questions/concerns in real-time, allowing a more managed and live interaction

Boost Program Efficiency

  • Follow-up appointments/screening can be easily scheduled
  • A flexible meeting/collection solution that is easy to use
  • Convert on-call, remote and off-hours into billable time

Reduce No-Shows/Cancellations

  • Decrease stress and anxiety as the screening is conducted in a comfortable setting. This can help with donor attendance
  • A more convenient solution for both the collector/donor
  • Expansion of treatment services in rural areas

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