Premier Biotech is a leading provider of drug testing devices, both urine and oral fluid. Premier Biotech specializes in working with staffing organizations and we have created products and solutions for saving huge dollars in workplace drug testing while expediting the hiring process resulting in a significant increase in billable hours.

The Oral Fluid Difference

While oral fluid testing has been around for over a decade, in the last several years we have seen significant advancements in the testing technology and methodology. Oral fluid tests are now fast, accurate, easy to use, and involve no mess! Each year, more and more of our customers are moving from traditional lab based testing to rapid (instant) oral fluid testing. Our staffing solutions combine top quality, highly accurate drug tests with a customized, cloud based platform we developed to meet the specific and unique needs of the staffing industry. Outlined is one month’s financial impact at one staffing branch comparing our rapid oral fluid products from traditional lab based testing or using a device at a collection site.

72 drug tests were administered and accounted. The organization saved aprox. $900 in substance abuse testing, while increasing their overall billable hours equating to $13,000 they could allocate elsewhere.
This means that if each location increased billable hours by $13,000/month or $156,000/year, a company with 20 offices could potentially increase revenue by over $3,000,000/year.
Additional savings can be realized in background checks. When drug test results are known immediately, background checks are only ordered after candidate has passed the drug test (negative result).

Immediate Results Get Candidates To Work And Increase Billable Hour Revenue!

National Averages for pre-employment drug testing positivity rates are between 3-4% for urine based laboratory drug testing (Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index). This means that about 97% of candidates will pass a pre-employment drug test (negative result) and can therefore, begin work immediately instead of waiting 2-3 days for laboratory test results. On average, rapid testing can be 40-75% less expensive than traditional laboratory/collection site testing. With the ability to action immediately following a result, the hiring process is also expedited. Staffing firms can place qualified candidates quicker, thus increasing overall billable hours.

Exclusive Product Portal

  • Capture and document rapid test results
  • Training and certification
  • Inventory management capabilities
  • Budget tracking
  • Reporting into key metrics such as positivity rates

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