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The Rapid Oral Fluid Competitive Advantage

As companies prepare to vie for qualified candidates during peak hiring times, on-boarding delays can prove detrimental to organizational staffing needs and their bottom line. Premier Biotech specializes in working with staffing organizations throughout the country to provide innovative solutions for pre-employment drug screening, helping to expedite the hiring process and get qualified candidates to work immediately.

Last busy season, an estimated 60% of candidates that were told to report to a collection site never executed the test. The reason for the drop off was due to qualified candidates going down the street to a competing staffing agency who hired them immediately following a rapid negative drug test result. Additionally, candidates that do show up to a collection site are commonly faced with lengthy wait times and many decide it is just not worth it and seek employment elsewhere.

Last busy season, an estimated 60% of candidates that were told to report to a collection site never executed the test.

Benefits of Rapid Oral Fluid Testing

  • Expedite the hiring process and get candidates to work immediately
  • Cost savings (OralTox ($8-10) vs. Lab Collection ($20-40)
  • Significant increase in billable hours/revenue
  • Avoid collection site drop-off risks resulting in lost time/revenue
  • 100% observed procedure that can be done anytime and anywhere

Save Time And Money By When Switching To OralTox

Truly in a league of its own, Premier Biotech’s FDA 510(k) cleared rapid oral fluid device OralTox provides staffing and recruitment agencies the ability to make job offers on the spot by obtaining pre-employment drug screening results within minutes.

  • Proven accuracy and sensitivity backed by laboratory (LC-MS/MS) results
  • Patented design with one drug per strip
  • Built-in saturation indicator changes color when a sufficient sample has been collected

Premier Biotech’s mobile drug screening reader app integrates with pre-existing applicant tracking systems/software. Real-time, documented results providing a true, end-to-end drug screening solution.

Observed Collection

The OralTox collection process is 100% observed and easy to administer.

Fast Results in Just Minutes

Easy to interpret, accurate results within minutes of activating the test.

Immediate Job Offers

Hiring decisions can be made on the spot following a negative result.

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