Safe And Effective Workplace Screening

A Full-Circle Solution For Employers

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced employers everywhere to rethink their day-to-day operations, with new guidelines and procedures now common place as companies find ways to keep their employees and communities safe. Prior to the current pandemic, the nation was in the midst of another crisis—the opioid crisis. Now with the stress and isolation brought on by the current health crisis, workplace positivity rates are expected to rise, even after the coronavirus comes to an end.

Employers choosing to forego their drug testing policies are putting their employees and company at risk. Workplace screening continues to play a pivotal role in maintaining a safe, drug-free work environment. As businesses begin to rebuild their staff, more and more are leveraging new technology and shifting their testing procedures to safely on-board their staff. Premier Biotech has an immediate, full-circle, automated screening and reporting solution ideal for all workplace drug screening scenarios.

Collection Site Concerns In The Current Climate

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, employers utilizing collection sites for their screening were challenged by delayed results and increased drop-off rates. Qualified candidates often have options, and many were not reporting in for their test and/or were faced with lengthy wait times and decided it is just not worth it and looked for employment elsewhere. The challenge for employers is now even greater, as requesting employees or candidates to report off-site to a collection site could put their safety at risk. Making the switch to OralTox + OT-Scan alleviates the following concerns.

  • Close proximity in waiting rooms (possible to spread the virus among other things)
  • Candidates faced with lengthy wait times
  • Delayed results (1-3 days)
  • Sanitation concerns with heavily used restroom
  • Inability to adhere to CDC recommended 6’ of separation from others
  • Requires candidate to report off-site (increased stress and possible no-shows/drop-offs)

Make the switch to OralTox + OT-Scan and go from days to minutes. Compared to traditional collection site/lab-based screening requiring days to obtain a result. Premier Biotech’s combined solution takes only minutes, providing a truly competitive hiring advantage.

Why OralTox?

OralTox is an FDA 510(k) cleared, rapid oral fluid drug screening device designed for speed and reliability. OralTox stands out when compared to other oral fluid tests on the market with numerous safety features inherent in its design. OralTox is easy to administer and allows the collector to observe the candidate as he or she collects their own oral fluid specimen. This collaborative collection process allows for safe distancing. When confirmation testing is required (inconclusive results only), OralTox again stands out as the device is able to be sent to a laboratory for confirmation testing without requiring a second sample.

  • Donor-driven collection process that can be conducted anytime and anywhere
  • Distanced collection allows the donor and collector to remain at a safe distance (CDC recommended 6’)
  • Proven accuracy and sensitivity backed by laboratory (LC MS/MS) results
  • The donor seals the collection swab into the device themselves
  • Patented design with one drug per strip
  • Built-in saturation indicator changes color when a sufficient sample has been collected
  • Only inconclusive (non-negative) results are sent to a lab for further testing

Donor-Driven Collection

The OralTox collection procedure allows the candidate to conduct the screening portion independently while observed from a safe distance (6-10’).

Fast, Automated Interpretation

Job offers can be made on the spot with fast, accurate results available in just minutes. The OT-Scan app interprets the results while removing test subjectivity.

Real-Time Result Reporting

With seamless integration capabilities to Premier Biotech’s app portal or existing ATS/software, results are securely sent for access and reporting in real-time.

OT-Scan – The Future in Drugs of Abuse Screening

The OT-Scan app from Premier Biotech is the next innovation in drugs of abuse screening and reporting. Providing an easy to use interface, the app captures and reports results within minutes. The OT-Scan app can save your organization both time and money while taking your testing program to the next level. Manual interpretation is a thing of the past, with smart screening technology developed specific for the app. Designed to be used with OralTox, the app quickly scans the device and reports the results securely in real-time.

  • Removes safety, no show and drop-off collection site issues and concerns
  • Automated results reporting alleviates test subjectivity and lengthy paperwork
  • Seamless integration with ATS/software – Results electronically documented
  • Device QR code capture and in-app donor/collector consent functionality
  • Easy to use guided procedure with in-app tutorial and support access
Iphone showing OT-Scan and OralTox device

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