Rapid pre-employment testing saves huge dollars and time! Premier Biotech’s portfolio of rapid urine and oral fluid tests provide solutions that deliver immediate results to expedite the hiring process and save significant dollars compared to traditional laboratory collection sites.

Rapid Pre-Employment Testing Saves Huge Dollars And Time!

Many companies pre-employment testing procedure requires candidates to report to collection sites to provide urine sample. The urine is screened and if required, confirmation testing and MRO review are performed. Results generally take between 2-5 days. Rapid testing gets candidates with negative tests to work right away. Only “non-negatives” require further testing. Typically, 96% of applicants are negative, which means that only 4% will require additional testing.

Rapid or onsite testing can prevent conflicts and save money with candidates needing to find time and transportation to report to collection sites as well as post accident drug testing especially if night/weekend other non standard business hours are in play. Taking employees and management out of the office has big impacts on a business with hourly wage and staffing concerns. Premier Biotech’s solutions keep employees on-site.

Oftentimes retailers conduct large scale hiring events in which they are staffing for a new location opening. Rapid oral fluid testing allows retailers to conduct a pre-employment drug test upon job offer. Background checks are only ordered after negative drug screen. Many candidates can be tested simultaneously and within short amount of time because collection does not require restroom and can be done anytime and anywhere.

Exclusive Product Portal

  • Capture and document rapid test results
  • Training and certification
  • Inventory management capabilities
  • Budget tracking
  • Reporting into key metrics such as positivity rates

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