Premier Biotech’s OralTox® is a rapid oral fluid test that delivers fast, accurate results anytime & anywhere. OralTox® was designed with our customers in mind. Our goal was to deliver a product that would deliver more accurate, faster, and clearer results and a user friendly test procedure that can be administered by anyone! Based on our customer feedback, we have successfully accomplished that goal! The OralTox® is fully customizable to test for up to 12 drugs simultaneously.

*Forensic Use Only

An Industry Leading Oral Fluid Drug Testing Product

OralTox® drug testing is less invasive and can be administered anywhere and anytime. Premier Biotech’s oral fluid solution offers fast, accurate results without the need for controlled collection sites.

• Fast Results
• Customizable Testing Panels
• Unique Design
• Saturation Indicator (Ensure Ample Specimen Collection)
• Easy To Use 

Product Advantages

• Customizable testing panels
• Test for up to 12 drugs simultaneously
• Eliminate need for controlled collection sites
• No need for same sex collectors
• Immediate detection of drug (<1 hour)
• Indicator showing ample sample collected
• Clear, easy to read results

• Easily administered single step procedure
• Eliminate problems with “shy bladders”
• Proven accuracy, sensitivity and reliability
• Fast results
• Industry leading detection of THC parent compound
• Laboratory confirmation testing

Superior Advantages of The OralTox®

OralTox® has a built-in saturation indicator that changes color to identify when sufficient sample has been collected in the swab. This mechanism prevents wasted devices due to insufficient sample volume and eliminates the guess work in the collection process. Premier Biotech successfully worked with a new client to save them a substantial amount of money because they had been throwing away a size-able amount of competitor test devices because collection of the sample was halted too soon and there was inadequate fluid to run the test properly.

• OralTox® has a special lock-in-place collector making the device tamper evident and leak resistant to prevent possible leakage in shipment to the lab
for confirmation testing.

• This device eliminates the “ick” factor compared to
other oral fluid tests

• The device prevents adulteration, making oral fluid
tests nearly impossible to cheat

• No gender specific observation is required

• If confirmation testing is required, OralTox® can be sent directly to a laboratory for high complexity confirmation testing. No secondary collection or transfer of specimen is required.

• Proven accuracy and sensitivity with an overall accuracy of greater than 96% agreement with GC/MS or LC-MS/MS results for each drug being tested.

• Assays are available for up to 12 drugs being able to be tested simultaneously, including prescription drugs
(synthetic opioids and OXY)

• Each OralTox® device has a unique QR/Quick Response Code (bar-code) on it to tie the device directly to a specific individual/test administered. 


Customization Options Available

The OralTox® is a flexible solution that can continue to be customized. Testing for the most relevant drugs of abuse is crucial when running a successful and sustainable testing platform. As new drugs become prevalent, our R&D customer first approach will ensure your organizations testing menu remains current.

Testing Menu


EDDP-Methadone Metabolite



*Forensic Use Only

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