Lab Based Oral Fluid Testing

Customized and innovative laboratory solutions for oral fluid drug testing. Our CAP Forensic accredited laboratory offers fast, accurate and customized solutions for clinical practices including; pain management, mental health, chemical dependency/treatment facilities, primary care and OB/GYN among others.

Lab Based Oral Fluid Testing

Premier Biotech Labs provides customized solutions and data driven software delivering full transparency into
cumulative individuals testing history.

Customized Solutions & Reporting

• Customized testing options
• Urine and oral fluid products
• Customized lab reports
• Quick access through our on-line customer portal

24-72 Hour Turn-Around Time

We combine state of the art, highly sensitive LC-MS/MS instrumentation with reliable methodology to ensure fast and accurate results.

CAP Forensic Drug Testing Accredited

Our lab is CAP FDT accredited, ensuring consistent quality standards throughout our service offerings.

Lab Based Oral Fluid

• Industry leading innovation in oral fluid testing
• Cutting-edge laboratory solutions
• Screenings and Confirmations
• Preventing adulteration, substitution or dilution
• Safe and simple collection
• Minimal personal invasiveness
• Customized lab reports
• Industry leading, extensive oral fluid testing panel

Testing Made Easy

  • Easily administered single step procedure that takes only minutes to administer
  • Fast collection with saturation indicator to identify sufficient volume
  • Shy bladder concerns eliminated-prevent long waits for patients to provide urine specimen
  • Gender neutral collection
  • No private restroom requirement

Proven Reliability And Accuracy

  • Delivers proven laboratory reliability
  • Lab results in as little as 24 hours
  • The ability to detect drug use within minutes, unlike urine testing which requires hours for the drug to metabolize
  • On-going customer support and education on advancements in urine and oral fluid drug testing, synthetic and designer drugs, drug abuse trends and related topics
  • Enables direct observation during collection
  • Eliminates the risk of adulteration by substitution, dilution, or additives

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