EtG Testing

Ethyl Glucuronide, aka EtG is the best way to effectively monitor alcohol abstinence. No one would argue that the number one abused substance in America is alcohol. There are many ways to detect alcohol consumption, and breathalyzers are a wonderful tool in corrections for detecting someone under the influence. However, for those who encourage and monitor abstinence of alcohol, detecting its use after only a few hours had been extremely difficult. Negative breathalyzer readings, and traditional ethanol alcohol tests do not necessarily indicate abstinence.

First To Market

With the discovery of the biomarker, Ethyl Glucuronide, aka EtG, scientists in laboratories may detect alcohol use 5-7 times longer than other alcohol tests. By the year 2004, most reputable drugs of abuse testing laboratories had made the detection of EtG available to their clients at various different cut off levels. However, this laboratory test is not only cost prohibitive to government agencies, but it is doesn’t create an environment that adheres to admissions of use and public safety. For at least 10 years, the market demanded the same benefits of onsite drug testing for their alcohol testing.

Studies and recommendations from criminal justice professionals and the court systems across the county called for testing programs to use the biomarker at the recommended cut off level of 500 ng/mL. Following the recommendations of the criminal justice professionals and court systems across the county, Premier Biotech did adhere to a cut off level for EtG at 500 ng/mL. This allowed for less discrepancy with incidental exposure to alcohol. Rapid EtG is available as a single urine dip cassette, however, it is most cost effective to combine in a multi-panel configuration and add EtG to Premier Bio-Cup or Premier Bio-Dip. Customize your configuration by adding EtG to any rapid urine testing product

Participants subject to weekly EtG alcohol testing completed the first two phases of a drug court significantly sooner than those undergoing ethanol urine testing. EtG testing in a drug court was more likely to detect alcohol use occurring over weekends than standard/traditional ethanol urine alcohol drug testing. Testing is most likely to be cost-efficient when used with drug court participants diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder or suspected of recent alcohol use. 

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