Primary Care

Urine and oral fluid testing provides a clinical tool for clinicians to support decisions about medication therapy for pain, ADHD, anxiety, and other disorders where utilization of controlled substances are considered. Premier Biotech, LLC provides solutions tailored to assist physicians in making decisions about medication monitoring, particularly regarding controlled substances.

Clinical drug testing can be used by physicians to detect prescribed and non-prescribed drugs and medication their patients are taking. The primary reason for testing is to ensure proper decision making is taking place when managing a patients healthcare plan and ensure the safety of the individual. Clinicians may also run a urine or oral fluid drug testing program to specifically monitor their patients prescribed medications if they have addictive potential.

Drug Testing – Primary Care Setting

  • Can assist clinical decisions on a patient’s substance use that affects other medical conditions
  • Can affect clinical decisions about co-therapy, especially with controlled substances
  • Prevents dangerous medication interactions during surgery or other medical procedures
  • Increases the safety of prescribing medications by identifying the potential for overdose or serious drug interactions
  • Helps assess patient use of opioids for chronic pain management or compliance with pharmacotherapy for opioid maintenance treatment for opioid use
  • Helps the clinician assess the efficacy of the treatment plan and the current level of care for chronic pain management
  • Monitors abstinence in a patient with a known chemical dependancy
  • Verifies or contradicts a patient’s self-report or family member’s report of substance use

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