Pain Management

Customized urine and oral fluid medication monitoring in pain management provides valuable objective information to assist in diagnostic and therapeutic decision making.

Concerns about addiction, drug abuse, and diversion can be major barriers when managing patients suffering from chronic pain.

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Healthcare professionals may look for the presence of prescribed medications as evidence of patient use. Finding no presence of the prescribed drug or finding unprescribed or illicit drugs merits further discussion with the patient. Over use of prescribed medication by the patient can result in unexpected negative reports if the patient runs out of medication prior to the next test collection.

The purpose of drug testing should be explained to the patient at the time of initial intake. Testing can also improve the relationship between healthcare professionals and patients by providing documentation of adherence to mutually agreed-upon treatment plans. In the pain management industry, illicit or unprescribed drugs does not necessarily go against the legitimacy of the patient’s pain complaints, however this can be a sign of drug abuse and addiction.

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