The Minnesota Multi-State Contract Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP) is a free, voluntary group purchasing organization for state and local government agencies. MMCAP operates as a MASTER CONTRACT which can be specifically tailored to meet each state’s unique needs. Our complete catalog of services can be found within our MMCAP contract.

Access to an innovative drug testing portfolio including laboratory solutions and collection services

What Agencies Are Benefiting From Purchasing Through MMCAP?

• Probation And Parole
• Department Of Corrections
• Prisons, Correctional Institutions
• Child And Family Services
• Health And Human Services
• Judicial Districts
• Drug Courts
• Treatment Providers
• Hospitals And Healthcare Clinics

Comprehensive Drug
Testing Services And
Solutions Include

• Specimen Collection Services
• Urine And Oral Fluid Based Testing
• Customizable Portfolio
• Laboratory Testing LC-MS/MS Confirmation
• Random Drug Testing Program Management
• MRO Review

Premier Biotech is the comprehensive solution, providing products and services allowing states/agencies the ability to avoid having multiple individual contracts. Contact us to discuss a customized program for your specific needs.

Innovative, Cutting-Edge, And Customizable Testing Solutions
Premier Biotech is an MMCAP vendor delivering the industry’s most innovative portfolio of rapid drug testing products and laboratory toxicology solutions. Contact us to discuss our complete pricing and comprehensive portfolio of products and laboratory services.

Dynamic Solutions For A Constantly Changing Market
Instead of committing to a specific vendor, particular product and combination of drugs to test, MMCAP provides a dynamic solution in which agencies can access the newest technology in drugs of abuse testing. Agencies can supplement oral fluid testing, change panels to include newly developed tests and take advantage of new and innovative technology. Customers receive exceptional service as vendors must work to continuously earn their business.

Why MMCAP And Premier Biotech, LLC For Drug Testing
. Drugs of abuse constantly changing
. Access to new technology and ability to update panel
. Avoid limitations of being locked into specific configuration
. Innovative product catalog
. No membership fees
. Vendors have to continuously earn your business
. Funds go back to the buying agency
. Only qualified vendors to choose from
. Potentially avoid the RFP process

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