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As the world keeps moving forward, companies are striving to streamline their onboarding process and hire new staff as quickly as possible. With rapid oral fluid testing, you can achieve your companies’ goal of hiring new candidates’ same day. Many companies offer a rapid oral fluid solution for onsite drug testing, however none can provide a solution to as many organizations regionally as Premier Biotech does.

Since drug testing laws vary state by state, companies must take into account what solution will meet their needs and state requirements. Since trying to determine what can and cannot work can be time-consuming, many companies stick with the traditional collection site process. Unfortunately, these collection sites often result in long wait times and lead to high candidate drop-off rates.

Before the pandemic, the last busy season reported a 60% candidate drop-off rate from collection sites. It has become all too familiar to hear from these companies using traditional collection site and lab-based drug testing to report their frustration. Companies often call a candidate 2-3 days later once they receive a negative drug test result from a lab with a job offer, only to have the offer declined because the candidate has accepted a position with another company that came their way more quickly. When proper staffing is pivotal during busy seasons, companies cannot afford to lose qualified applicants to competitors who can offer onsite drug testing and immediate job offers. Even though these collection sites can be a headache, companies know that they meet the drug testing laws in their state.

Premier Biotech offers a unique personalized solution for your pre-employment drug testing. With a customer-focused design helping employers hire candidates within minutes, not days.

Premier Biotech is excited to inform you that there is another solution. You can use a rapid oral fluid drug test for your hiring process and still meet all your state guidelines. Premier Biotech’s rapid oral fluid test OralTox, delivers an innovative solution for pre-employment testing saving money and time compared to both collection site and lab-based drug testing. In addition, OralTox provides a solution for an immediate result and job offer on the spot following a negative result.

8 Panel oral fluid FDA cleared OralTox

Due to the shifting changes in the legalization of THC, organizations throughout the country are removing THC from their pre-employment screening, handling THC more like alcohol. While still having the ability to screen for THC for post-accident and reasonable suspicion scenarios, making the switch to OralTox offers the flexibility to instead replace THC with another more relevant panel.

In 2019 Premier Biotech launched the OT-Scan app, which algorithmically scans the results and reports them to our lab. The scanner also allows for subjectivity to be removed from test results. Designed to be used with OralTox, the OT-Scan app automates result capturing and reporting in just minutes. Combined, OralTox and OT-Scan provide fast, accurate, secure results while eliminating manual interpretation. Data can be sent to Premier Biotech’s app portal or integrated with pre-existing ATS/solutions. Available for detecting relevant drugs of abuse, including AMP, COC, MET, OPI, PCP, THC, and more. 

OT-Scan Mobile App - Premier Biotech
OT-Scan Mobile App - Premier Biotech

In the result of an inconclusive test, you can send the OralTox sample into the lab for confirmation testing. Premier Biotech Labs is a CAP Forensic Laboratory. Our clinical specimens are processed in our forensic laboratory, requiring rigorous quality control and proficiency testing. CAP Forensic Accreditation provides our customers the confidence to receive the highest quality results and service from a trusted laboratory.

Consider making the switch to a better drug testing process with Premier Biotech. As a customer-focused company, we strive to help you make your drug testing process as easy and effective as possible.

OralTox Device

Save Time And Money By Switching To OralTox

Truly in a league of its own, Premier Biotech’s rapid oral fluid device OralTox provides staffing and recruitment agencies the ability to make job offers on the spot by obtaining pre-employment drug screening results within minutes.

  • Proven accuracy and sensitivity backed by laboratory (LC-MS/MS) results
  • Patented design with one drug per strip
  • Built-in saturation indicator changes color when a sufficient sample has been collected
  • Unique QR code tied to each device
  • Does not require a second sample for laboratory confirmation
  • Can be combined with OT-Scan for a full-circle solution

Why Premier Biotech’s OT-Scan App Wins vs Other Solutions?

Designed to be used with OralTox, Premier Biotech’s patented, rapid oral fluid test. The OT-Scan app automates result capturing and reporting in just minutes. Combined, OralTox and OT-Scan provide fast, accurate, secure results while eliminating manual interpretation. Data can be sent to Premier Biotech’s app portal or can be integrated with pre-existing ATS/solutions. 

    • Trusted by leading Background Check Providers
    • Accurate results without the need for manual interpretation or reporting
    • Customized training and white glove implementation service provided
    • Data is encrypted and securely transmitted between the app/ATS
    • Validation and user permissions for varied levels of access
    • QR scanning functionality ties the specific test to the individual order
    • Donor and Collector consent is captured directly within the app
    • Easy to use procedure that can be conducted from safe distance

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