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Premier Biotech Labs, LLC is a CAP Forensic toxicology laboratory with our customized solutions focused on delivering highest quality results, fast turn-around times, and exceptional customer service. Our laboratory services include screening and LC-MS/MS confirmation testing for both urine and oral fluid specimen.

Quality Confirmations

Premier Biotech Labs, LLC combines state of the art, highly sensitive LC-MS/MS instrumentation with reliable methodology to ensure accurate, fast results. Our variety of testing services acknowledge the benefit of qualitative and quantitative drug testing as a useful tool that for enhancing the monitoring of your clients and patients.

Benefits of LC-MS/MS Technology

Cutting-edge technology and specificity greatly increased by the second MS or “trap”, provides increased reliability by keeping the specimen in its original state providing a more stable process. Limited sample preparation and shorter run times can allow for a quicker turnaround of results to our customers.

Premier Biotech Labs is revolutionizing the industry by delivering the most innovative and flexible testing options and exceptional customer service.

Premier Biotech Labs, LLC is focused on creative and innovative solutions while providing fast and accurate confirmations.

  • Screening and high complexity LC-MS/MS confirmation
  • Customizable urine and oral fluid solutions
  • MRO review
  • CLIA and CAP accredited laboratory
  • Platinum standard and the highest quality instrumentation
  • Customized testing menu, requisition forms, results report, electronic chain of custody
  • Direct access to toxicology support

Flexible And Customizable
We provide services that the customer can tailor to meet their needs while providing exceptional customer service.

Turn Around Time In As Little As 24 Hours
We combine state of the art, highly sensitive LC-MS/MS instrumentation with reliable methodology to ensure fast and accurate results.

Featured Offerings
All specimens tested for 4 adulterants: pH, Specific Gravity, Creatinine, Oxidants

CAP Forensic Drug Testing Accredited

. Our lab Is CAP FDT accredited, ensuring consistent quality standards
. Complete chain of custody through the lab
. Required to quantify at half the cutoff level
. Highest level of quality control standards
. Rigorous proficiency testing and routine laboratory inspections
. Direct access to toxicology support
. Customized solutions and reporting
. Customized testing options
. Urine and oral fluid testing
. Customized lab reports
. Quick access through our on-line customer portal

All specimens sent to Premier Biotech Labs, LLC follow extensive CAP requirements.

Laboratory Training And Education Resources

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