How Retailers Are Evolving Their Hiring Power

Pre-Employment Drug Testing Will Never Be The Same

As the world begins to re-open and people return to their favorite shopping centers and restaurants, the retail industry is beginning to bounce back. Reuters reported sales in March increased the most compared to the previous 10 months, as pandemic relief checks and vaccinations played a role in consumer confidence and spending. Throughout this past year, many retailers paused their pre-employment drug screening program in an effort to maintain safety guidelines. Now, as business is beginning to pick backup, retailers are looking for new solutions to on-board candidates quickly while ensuring safety measures are followed.

Drug testing is an essential part of the hiring process and one that should not be overlooked. While people have spent more time apart, drug abuse has increased significantly, posing major concerns for retailers bringing people back to work. Traditional urine collection sites and lab-based testing are no longer viable solutions in the current environment. Turnaround times for test results continue to be reported up to 7 days.

Onboarding delays were detrimental prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, now as employers look to bring back qualified talent to support consumer demand, same day job offers are once again a competitive advantage.

Premier Biotech has helped a number of prominent retailers throughout the country gain this competitive advantage, while ensuring their pre-employment drug screening practices remain safe and efficient. The primary driver helping retailors return to or remain testing is through the adoption of Premier Biotech’s OralTox and OT-Scan solution.

OralTox stands out when compared to other oral fluid tests on the market with numerous safety features inherent in its design. OralTox is easy to administer and allows the collector to observe the candidate as he or she collects their own oral fluid specimen. Watch a demo of the OralTox and OT-Scan procedure.

Combined with Premier Biotech’s automated results capture and reporting app OT-Scan, employers can make hiring decisions on the spot, evolving their pre-employment screening program like never before.

  • Accurate, automated results and reporting in just minutes
  • Integrates with current ATS/software solutions
  • Ample cost savings compared to traditional lab based testing
  • Safe, observed collection can be conducted by anyone and anywhere
  • Decrease employee theft (“grabbing to get well”) to support their habits.
  • Recognized by Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) at the 2021 Industrial Hygiene Awards
  • A full-circle solution only available from Premier Biotech

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