Game Changing Solutions For Background Check Providers

Remove Recruitment Bottlenecks

In these times of uncertainty, Background Check Providers require innovative client solutions that expedite safe hiring practices while accelerating billable revenue in order to remain competitive. Premier Biotech has partnered with a number of leading providers as a strategic industry expert to provide solutions and support for their customer’s drugs of abuse testing needs.

As a result, we have paired the safe, donor-driven collection procedure of our patented oral fluid device OralTox, with the automated power of our screening and reporting OT-Scan app that integrates with existing applicant tracking software in real-time. Together, Premier Biotech’s solutions provide a full-service offering, saving employers both time and money that we believe is a true game changer in the industry.

The combined OralTox and OT-Scan solution alleviates delays in pre-employment screening scenarios helping get qualified candidates onboarded faster than ever before. Historically, background checks have contributed to bottlenecks in the hiring process as employers wait days for the report. Now, with AI (artificial intelligence), background checks can be completed in under an hour. This alleviates one part of the bottleneck, leaving collection site lab screening the limiting factor. Rapid oral fluid screening with OralTox and OT-Scan aligns the negative onsite screen with a cleared background check, completely removing bottlenecks in the recruiting process. The following illustrates how employers can now hire qualified candidates on the spot in just minutes compared to waiting multiple days for results to be delivered when utilizing collection sites.


Gain A Competitive Advantage

With Premier Biotech’s OralTox and OT-Scan solution, Background Check Providers now have the tools to truly accelerate pre-employment screening and reporting practices. As a strategic partner, Premier Biotech’s industry experts will provide the training and guidance your sales team requires to offer this solution immediately, helping their customers and prospects navigate these challenging times in the current hiring climate. Premier’s combined solution goes further than that however as we can combine our proprietary product and app solution with existing ATS/software to truly offer a full-circle, safe and effective platform for all pre-employment requirements. Find out just how easy the collection and reporting can be with OralTox and OT-Scan.




Why OralTox Wins vs. Traditional Urine Collection Sites

  • Collection can be conducted on site, anytime and anywhere
  • Hire qualified candidates on the spot following a negative result
  • Avoid collection site drop-offs, no shows and lengthy wait times
  • Remove recruitment bottlenecks with results in just minutes
  • Staff already employed conduct the test onsite from a safe distance
  • Save time and money compared to urine collection site screening
  • Oral fluid screening is an ideal solution for all workplace drug screening scenarios

Why OralTox Wins Over Lab Based Oral Fluid Testing

  • Lab-based oral fluid requires collectors to do 90% of the work without any of the benefits of immediate results
  • Oral fluid testing costs 40-65% less than laboratory based testing
  • Oral fluid collections can be conducted onsite, eliminating collection fees and reducing lost productivity
  • Immediate results expedite the hiring process
  • Detects recent drug use
  • Rapid screens use the same immunoassay technology as lab screens

Why OralTox Wins Over Competing Point of Care Products

Truly in a league of its own, Premier Biotech’s flagship rapid oral fluid device continues to evolve. 

  • Proven demand with millions of devices sold
  • Built in Saturation indicator prevents wasted tests
  • One drug per strip for faster, easy to read results
  • Unique QR code tied to each device
  • Does not require a second sample for laboratory confirmation
  • Can be combined with OT-Scan for a full-circle solution
OralTox - Rapid oral fluid product device.

Why Premier Biotech’s OT-Scan App Wins vs Other Solutions?

Designed to be used with OralTox, Premier Biotech’s patented, rapid oral fluid test. The OT-Scan app automates result capturing and reporting in just minutes. Combined, OralTox and OT-Scan provide fast, accurate, secure results while eliminating manual interpretation. Data can be sent to Premier Biotech’s app portal or can be integrated with pre-existing ATS/solutions. Available for the detection of relevant drugs of abuse including: AMP, COC, MET, OPI, PCP, THC and more.

    • Trusted by leading Background Check Providers
    • Accurate results without the need for manual interpretation or reporting
    • Customized training and white glove implementation service provided
    • Data is encrypted and securely transmitted between the app/ATS
    • Validation and user permissions for varied levels of access
    • QR scanning functionality ties the specific test to the individual order
    • Donor and Collector consent is captured directly within the app
    • Easy to use procedure that can be conducted from safe distance

Interested in levergaing the OralTox + OT-Scan solution for your customers? Let Premier Biotech be the drugs of abuse expert in your corner and gain a competitive advantage today.