Fix The Bottleneck In Your Pre-employment Process

After an unprecedented year as 2020, we never expected to have a hiring frenzy quite like what this post-pandemic world has created. Companies are scrambling to get the best candidates and fill numerous positions, offering a variety of incentives. However, they are losing potentially the best of the bunch to competitors due to their long, tedious hiring processes. Many employers have outsourced some screening processes to conditionally hire same day, but still use offsite collection or lab-based drug testing services, which either delays the offer or creates an unqualified candidate conundrum. A lot can change in the day’s employers are waiting for results. Candidates may receive other offers, lose interest, or simply fail to show up to the collection site. In this tumultuous time, why pay for a service that results in up to 60% no-shows? With OralTox you don’t have to.
OralTox is a donor-driven device which allows for the test to be 100% observed with onsite collection. Depending on your industry, OralTox can be customized to meet any FDA drug-testing requirements. In 2019 Premier Biotech launched the OT-Scan app, an easy to use results capture and reporting app.

When paired with OralTox, the OT-Scan app allows for non-subjective analysis of the results along with the accreditation of being run through our results reporting portal. In the event of an inconclusive test result, the OralTox can be sent to the lab for confirmation testing without the need to collect a second sample. Watch our demonstration video of the OralTox and OT-Scan procedure.

Premier Biotech has helped five of the nation’s leading organizations throughout the country gain the competitive advantage of same-day hiring while ensuring their pre-employment drug screening practices remain safe and reliable.  With the combination of OralTox and the OT-Scan app you can hire same-day, filling your positions quicker with qualified employees. See how rapid oral fluid screening with OralTox alleviates recruitment bottlenecks.

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