The Rapid Oral Fluid Competitive Advantage

Introducing The Rapid Oral Fluid Drug Test That No
Employer Should Be Without

In today’s competitive hiring landscape, employers are often competing to find reliable candidates fast while ensuring a safe workplace with proper staffing allocation. As a result, more and more organizations are moving to rapid onsite oral fluid drug testing. 

Oral fluid testing offers many practical and financial benefits when conducting pre-employment, post-accident, reasonable suspicion and randomized drug testing, especially when compared to traditional collection site testing models. This makes switching to onsite testing with oral fluid an ideal solution for retail, manufacturing, construction companies, staffing firms, etc.

OralTox – Now Available For In Vitro Diagnostic Use For Point-of-Care

Easily Administered Rapid Oral Fluid Drug Testing 

Premier Biotech’s OralTox delivers fast, accurate results anytime and anywhere. Observed collection removes concerns with adulteration and employers can administer the testing without the need to send the candidate or employee to a collection site. Taking employees and management out of the office has big impacts on a business with hourly wage and staffing concerns. Premier Biotech’s solutions keep employees on-site.  

The Many Time And Cost Saving Advantages Rapid Oral Fluid Testing Provides Compared To Collection Site Screening

From safety to cost savings, moving to oral fluid can decrease insurance costs, prevent absenteeism, boost productivity and reduce time and costs associated with urine based collection site testing. Premier Biotech’s OralTox® testing advantages include:

  • Expedite the hiring process with immediate results
  • Oral Fluid testing costs 40-65% less than laboratory based testing
  • On-site testing eliminates collection site fees and staffing requirements
  • Detects recent drug use making it an Ideal method for post-accident and suspected impairment testing
  • 100% observed collection eliminates adulteration
  • Fast, reliable results
  • Rapid screens use the same immunoassay technology as lab screens
  • Prevents complications with candidates/employees reporting to a collection site, including transportation and staffing arrangements, potential for adulteration when going off-site, etc. 

Pre-Employment And Post-Hire Oral Fluid Drug Testing Procedure At A Glance

Save Time And Money By Making Pre/Post Hire Decisions Immediately 

Making key hiring decisions and/or ensuring a drug free workplace is pivotal. Rapid oral fluid testing allows your new hires and staff to begin/return to work immediately following a negative result.

Post-Accident /Suspected Impairment Testing On-Site

OralTox can detect recent drug use when your company requires immediate action. Test employees on-site following accidents or for suspicion of impairment without the need for off-site collections.

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