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Premier Biotech’s Case Management Technology provides a custom solution for organizations to help maintain compliance and/or assist recovery in their drug testing program. Criminal Justice and Treatment organizations are able to use one single, simple platform to manage caseloads and ensure compliance. A “built-for-you” approach incorporating an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for random program management, laboratory and/or rapid collection results reporting within the system, and client specific case management allow for a quick, easy, and better monitoring and case management environment. Criminal Justice, Addiction-Treatment, Clinics, Child & Family Services and any other organization that is looking for a smarter, faster way to manage their monitoring and/or recovery assistance program would benefit from this cloud based software.

Program Advantages

  • Toll-free phone number for notification that includes online, text & email capabilities
  • Group management that allows for different frequencies based on different population groups.
  • Groups can be setup for testing on any day of the week
  • Donor specific PIN number captures whether or not donor has called that day, what time and from what number
  • Security within the system allows different staff levels to see only those results they are allowed to see
  • Custom reporting allows client to create reports for chosen date ranges/groups/people
  • Integrates with the Premier Biotech’s Laboratory Information System
  • Reporting of results all in the same system
  • Missed Test Information
  • Missed Call Information
  • Alerts notification of critical events


Our alerts dashboard allows for a macro view of critical daily events and program statistics

Get Real Time Alerts For:

  • Early notification
  • Positive drug tests
  • Missed calls
  • Case notes submission
  • Form submission
  • Non-compliance

Case Management

Easy to use tools with custom administration permission sets

Permission Sets

  • Easy to use case management tools for ALL stakeholders.
  • Control the flow of data with customized permissions and functionality for each user level.

Documents And Forms

All your documents and forms easily viewed in one place by all parties

A Paper Free Solution
Organizations with unique needs require specific workflow solutions. Our custom documents and forms may be submitted by licensees, managers, TPAs or any user class relevant to your program. Go paperless by uploading your archived documents to the participant’s online file!


Generate reports on demand or create a report schedule

Reporting Done Right
Custom reports using statistical data mining capabilities in an easy to use and secure cloud based application.

Test Schedule

Easily generate a random schedule for licensees entire testing program

Single And Random Testing
Our cloud based monitoring platform delivers unparalleled test schedule functionality. Schedule multiple panels for a licensee for five years with our random scheduler or manually schedule a single test. Coupled with our integrated lab result processing and rapid testing products, your organization can easily monitor the entire test schedule life-cycle for all licensees.


IVR, mobile web app, and push notifications keeps everyone synced

Applications For Communication
Licensees can access test schedule via phone thru our IVR System, the web or via the mobile web with a custom application. Unlock the potential by coupling with our unique, automatic, 24/7 push technology notifications to keep everyone in sync with call logs, reports, or critical alerts with the platform.

Why Run A Random Program?

Effective drug testing programs are utilizing adaptive technology coupled with industry leading products and laboratory solutions. Premier Biotech’s Cloud Based Management Software assists in meeting these goals. Through a randomized schedule, utilizing our software solution, donors within your program will always have it in the back of their mind that they could be tested. Multi-panel, customized rapid testing products for urine and oral fluid compliment randomized programs.

By Utilizing Multiple Product Variants, Donors Will Have A Difficult Time Attempting To Adulterate Samples As They Do Not Know When Or For What Drugs The Test Will Detect

Most organizations have moved to multi-panel drug testing solutions that test for 5-12 drugs simultaneously because results and studies have shown, multi-drug testing is more effective and less costly in the long run. Cost savings can be attributed to removing the need to purchase multiple single dip products to test for additional drugs, randomized testing decreasing the likelyhood the donor will abuse substances around their set testing schedule and efficiant technology saving time for staff/test administrators.

“If you are still testing with single drug dip cards, while not utilizing randomization, please contact us for a complimentary audit of your current drug testing program/platform.” 

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