Switch To OT-Scan And Accelerate Your Hiring

On the last business day of May, there were 9.2 million jobs available as reported by the U.S Bureau of Labor. With pre-pandemic customers coming back, businesses now more than ever need a reliable new hire process in this competitive market.

Many companies are making the switch to rapid oral fluid testing for their drug testing procedure to save time and money. However, some organizations are concerned that rapid oral fluid tests alone won’t work for their pre-employment testing. There are typically three main concerns companies have expressed when deciding to make the switch to rapid oral fluid from traditional collection site models.

  • Who will determine the results?
  • What will happen if we require a confirmation test?
  • Will this be allowed in every state we operate?

Here at Premier Biotech, we are excited to offer a solution that will meet your needs. When combined, OralTox and our mobile reader app OT-Scan, solve these three primary concerns so your organization can be confident with your pre-employment testing.

1. Certified Results
It is not an uncommon occurrence for organizations to be worried about who determines the drug testing results. Subjective results are a valid concern when providing onsite rapid drug testing. This results in many organizations outsourcing their drug testing leading to additional costs for an un-subjective result. With OT-Scan, your staff can conduct an on-site rapid drug test without having to determine results. Built-in QR scanning functionality ties the specific test to the individual order, alleviating user input and potential human errors from manual processing. Along with step-by-step instructions outlining both the collection and App process, with in-app options to Premier Biotech’s online and live customer support teams. All results are then read through the App, which algorithmically determines whether a test in negative or inconclusive. With OT-Scan, your organization can be confident in every test result.

2. Confirmation Testing
In the case of an inconclusive result, the App will direct you to fill out the pertinent information and seal up the OralTox device into a biosafe bag provided. Once received, our lab will then conduct confirmation testing on the original OralTox sample. If further communication is needed, the Medical Review Officer will reach out to the Candidate for prescription information/additional details. These results can be viewed onsite or at another location if required within 48-72 hours once Premier Labs has received the sample.

3. State Regulations
Drug testing laws vary by state, so it can be an uphill battle for larger organizations to determine which rapid test is appropriate for each specific site. Fortunately, OT-Scan allows for proper documentation of your pre-employment drug testing, as well as confirmation. Once a sample is scanned, the data is encrypted and securely transmitted between the App and the defined data center. Donor and Collector consent is also captured directly within the App, utilizing on-screen signing technology. OT-Scan is saving time by removing the need for additional paperwork and the condition to use alternate applications.

OralTox stands out when compared to other oral fluid tests on the market with numerous safety features inherent in its design. OralTox is easy to administer and allows the Collector to observe the candidate as he or she collects their own oral fluid specimen. Watch a demo of the OralTox and OT-Scan procedure.

Designed to be used with OralTox, Premier Biotech’s patented lateral flow rapid oral fluid test. The OT-Scan App automates result capturing and reporting, coupled with an easy-to-use interface. Combined, OralTox and OT-Scan provide fast, accurate, and secure results while eliminating manual interpretation. Available for the detection of relevant drugs of abuse, including AMP, COC, MET, OPI, PCP, THC, and more.

OT-Scan Mobile App - Premier Biotech
The OT-Scan App is boosting recruitment throughout the Country, Allowing same day hiring at a fraction of the cost.
  • Accurate, automated results and reporting in just minutes
  • Integrates with current ATS/software solutions
  • Ample cost savings compared to traditional lab based testing
  • Safe, observed collection can be conducted by anywhere
  • Decrease employee theft and safety concerns
  • Recognized by Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) at the 2021 Industrial Hygiene Awards
  • A full-circle solution only available from Premier Biotech

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