Ensuring Sample Integrity

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1. Ensure the specimen ______ on the COC matches the specimen ______ on the security seal used for the sample.

2. Samples may be rejected at the lab if they are received ______ days after the sample was collected

3. (True or False) Samples will be processed at the lab as long as they are received with the accompanying Chain of Custody form, even if the Collector did not sign the Chain of Custody?

4. The following steps are (*Required) to correctly complete the Chain of Custody form.
Steps #2, #3, #4
Steps #1, #2, #3, #4
Steps #1, #2, #3
Steps #1, #4

5. When affixing the specimen ID/security label to the device, the collector should:
Affix the label around the front of the device first, than around each side.
Affix the label around the cap of the device, creating a security seal.
Affix the specimen ID/security label over the device-first by centering the label over the top of the cap, than adhering the label flush down each side.

6. The following are reasons samples may be rejected by Premier Biotech Labs when received:
Chain of Custody form missing or not completed properly
Specimen leaked in transit/not sufficient quantity
Broken or missing specimen ID/security label
All of the Above

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